Shipping does not have to be boring. Patterned poly mailers by Inspired Mailers can make your shipments stand out from the rest. Many items are delivered in plain brown, yellow, or white packages and often lack excitement.

Unlike the normal mailers however, Inspired Mailers bring additional excitement by having designs on the outside of the package.

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Printed Poly Mailers: Stand Out From the Rest

Shipments sent in fun printed poly mailers guarantee to delight the recipient. Inspired Mailers offers a large range of options, so you can choose a pattern or design that will best represent you or your business. The images range from flowers for the spring, to snowflakes for the winter, and even hearts and bunnies for Valentine’s Day and Easter holidays. There are also many other patterns and solid colors available, to fit the style of any business.

Inspired Mailers are more than just a pretty wrapping though. They do in fact serve a purpose, to help a product arrive at its destination safely. After all, a shipper’s main goal is to have a product arrive at its desired location undamaged. This is where choosing the right type of mailers from Inspired Mailers comes into play.

Pro Tip 1: There are two main types of mailers offered by Inspired Mailers - bubble mailers and flat mailers. How does a seller decide which type of mailer is right for the product they are shipping?

Simple, deciding when to use a bubble mailer versus a flat mailer depends on the product that is being shipped. For instance a person shipping a cellular phone may require a different type of protection for their product than someone mailing a pair of pants. The good news is that Inspired Mailers has packaging types that would suit the needs of both individuals.

Choose Printed Bubble Mailers for Style and Protection

The first type of mailer is a bubble mailer. This is a padded mailer that has a lining of protective bubble wrap material to help prevent damage to more fragile products like jewelry and electronics. These are perfect for shippers who need to have a little added padding for their products. Additionally, choosing one of the many designs of printed bubble mailers ensures that your package arrives not only safe, but in style as well.

You should also consider the following when using a bubble mailers to ship your items: 

  • Shippers using this type of mailer would typically still wrap their product in some type of protective wrapping prior to placing it into the mailer. The idea of a bubble mailer is to provide added protection for the product, not to necessarily replace the protective wrapping.
  • These mailers are designed to help reassure the shipper that items will not get damaged from normal sorting and delivering procedures once packages leave their possession and enter the realm of many packages.
  • Since this type of mailer has an added layer of protection, it wouldn’t typically be used for shipping non-fragile products like clothing, which are much more resilient to typical package sorting and do not require additional padding.

Pro Tip 2: In addition to bubble mailers, Inspired Mailers also offers flat patterned poly mailers. Flat mailers are similar to bubble mailers, but are more flexible, as they do not have the added padded protective layer. These mailers are more 'bag' like in nature and are ideal for items that do not require much protection. Bulkier items and items made out of cloth, such as shirts and leggings are the perfect type of products to be shipped in flat mailers, as they will not damage easily if tossed or dropped during the shipping process. Although these mailers do not provide extra padding and protection, so fragile items like electronics and jewelry would not typically be shipped using these, the mailer itself is made of a thicker material to help prevent damage from punctures and the weather while it is in transport to the customer.

Pro Tip 3: Both bubble mailers (padded) and flat mailers (unpadded) come in a variety of sizes to fit many products. Bubble mailers range in size from 4” x 6” through 9” x 12”. Smaller bubble mailers like the 4x6 are perfect for shipping jewelry, while larger mailers like the 9x12 are suited for small electronics such as smartphones. Flat mailers come in a few size choices ranging from 6" x 9" to 14.5" x 19". Smaller flat mailers are useful for shipping a pair of leggings, a knit scarf, or a shirt, while larger sizes are designed to ship bigger or heavier items, like sweatshirts, blankets, or multiple pieces of clothing at once.

Pro Tip 4: Another great aspect about Inspired Mailers is that they can be shipped through many shipping avenues. USPS and other shipping carriers will deliver Inspired Mailers, making it easy for sellers to ship out their products using their preferred method of shipping.

Inspired Mailers are also light-weight, easy to store, and convenient, which make them ideal for small businesses and independent consultants like those found on sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Lularoe. Many small business owners and independent consultants work out of their homes, which means they lack space.

Storing large quantities of boxes is often not a feasible option if they actually want to utilize the space for something other than storage. Since these mailers are lightweight and can be stacked on top of one another, laying relatively flat, sellers can have the best of both worlds, space to work and live, and the ability to find a suitable shipping package when needed.

The custom designs on the mailers are an added bonus. Etsy and Lularoe sellers can find patterns that showcase the fun, unique brands that their products represent, and eBay sellers can add a little whimsy to their packages. From shiny metallic mailers to floral patterns, these designs also encourage customers to become excited about their purchase from the moment they see it arrive at their door.

Using Patterned Poly Mailers Makes a Difference

The fun, eye catching designs are also a great tool to help customers remember the seller when making additional purchases in the future.

Some customers may even purchase from the seller again in anticipation of the next design they will receive. To many customers, the mailer becomes just as big of a deal as the items packaged inside of it. After all, who wouldn’t love to receive a colorful package in the mail?

Choose patterned poly mailers, holiday mailers , or any of the other stylish choices of mailers offered by Inspired Mailers, to surprise and delight your customers.

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