Ship In Style

Choose Fun, Stylish or Understated Elegance

Inspired Mailers is a premium brand that offers you a range of flat envelopes and bubble mailers in a vast number of patterns and vibrant colors.

Our poly mailers and bubble mailers range from the fun and funky to the elegant and understated. Whatever your business there is a mailer to suit all your requirements on any occasion. Mailers not only protect your product during handling and transport, they are important marketing tools that tell your customer the story of your brand and its values. 

Our light and practical mailers are ideal for online businesses as they streamline the packing process, take little room in the dispatch area and guarantee that you will not lose money on transport inefficiencies as the mailers ensure that volumetric weight is minimized.

We Pride Ourselves on Delivering Outstanding Quality

We at Inspired Mailers pride ourselves on ensuring that you receive only the best quality. We take a personal interest in ensuring that your product arrives to your customer in top condition. This is why our flat mailers are an extra 3.15mm thick.

The thick plastic protects the confidentially of the contents by preventing show through. These mailers are durable and puncture resistant. They are waterproof and will help to prevent weather damage. They are the ideal solution for non-breakable items such as clothing or soft toys.

Our bubble mailers are lined with a shockproof bubble wrap to protect your more fragile goods. They have a seamless bottom and sturdy side seams for maximum protection.  The mailers are quick and easy to pack as they are equipped with a peel and seal strip.

The shiny, bright metallic bubble mailers are light and durable. You can choose from a range of beautiful colors from holographic to purple, red, black and gold. These mailers are puncture proof, moisture resistant and tear resistant. They hold their shape well and can withstand harsh handling.

Great Packaging Elevates Your Product

When you recognize the value of packaging in marketing your product you will put your business one step ahead of your competition. Great packaging elevates your product and helps your customers to remember your brand. It is an underused and inexpensive opportunity for online businesses to brand their products.

Our top quality printed mailers will help you to personalize the experience for the customer, creating a remarkable and memorable moment. The packaging will elevate your product, setting your brand apart from that of the competition.

The choice of relevant and striking packaging can make your brand stand out in the marketplace for all the right reasons. Use standout designs to draw attention to your brand, but keep it simple and engage positive emotions.

Why Settle for Less?

Whether you sell through Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon or LuLaRoe you should never settle for lower quality, thinner shipping envelopes that put your product at risk. Our heavy-duty envelopes will protect your parcel with colorful, memorable charm.

Send it off in style and let your customer know that you care!