While working as a small fashion brand with an online shop, we encountered many challenges, one of which was struggling to get supplies for our business. We weren’t big enough to buy bulk packaging. However, we realized we could manufacture hard-to-source supplies for small businesses and not only use them ourselves but also sell them to other brands and online sellers that were having trouble sourcing them like we were. Because of this, our brand Retail Supply Co was born!

We quickly found that our supplies were in demand from fellow small business owners and we decided to brainstorm further on things we would love for our business but had a tough time sourcing. One thing that was important to us was standing out from other competitors and showing we were unique. So, we decided to design beautiful and fun packaging that allowed small brands and retail shops to show their personality without having to commit to the large quantities required for custom designs. These designer envelopes were a hit and with that we started Inspired Mailers, eventually expanding to a wide range of prints for our customers.   

We are extremely proud to be a successful women-owned business and we love being able to provide unique, high quality and beautiful products for other retail shops and online sellers.

We are also excited to announce our latest venture! Campsi is a website that features a comprehensive list of summer camps throughout the United States and Canada. Campsi was created by a team of moms (us!) who understand the challenges of finding and organizing summer activities for children. We aim to have the most extensive list of camp offerings available. www.Campsi.com

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