Red Metallic Bubble MailerEconomists estimate that in 2017 online sales will increase by more than twenty-three percent. Growth leads to competition and astute business owners will already be seeking ways to retain customers, cut costs and grow their customer base.

Top quality packaging is essential to the online business. Metallic shipping envelopes are standout products in the packaging industry. These stylish envelopes will lift your product profile, offering superior protection to ensure that your product arrives in good shape.

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Metallic Bubble Mailers for Style and Protection

Metallic bubble mailers come in a range of beautiful colors from holographic to purple, red, black and gold. They are stronger than paper mailers and they offer decent protection from water damage. These light and durable envelopes have a seamless bottom for maximum strength and side seams which are firmly sealed. They are equipped with a seal strip for quick and efficient packing.

Top quality mailers are essential for the in-transit protection of your product and for ensuring that the parcel gets to the recipient in tip-top shape. The parcel represents your business and will leave your customer with a distinct impression of how your business operates and how much you value their trade.

Inspired Mailers specialize in premium quality flat and bubble mailers, both patterned and plain.

Pro Tip 1: When the holiday season comes you may want to consider purchasing holiday mailers to celebrate. We have a range of holiday mailers available for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Using these mailers will save your customer time and money as it removes the need for gift wrap. It can simply be presented to the lucky recipient.Make your parcels stand out at special times of the year, and your customer is bound to remember you and order again.

Make your parcels stand out at special times of the year, and your customer is bound to remember you and order again.

Metallic Mailers Make Business Sense

Metallic Bubble Mailer

A great deal of work has gone into marketing your product prior to packing and distributing it. You don’t want to waste your sales and marketing efforts. Packaging is as important as all the events that went before it. Packaging showcases your product and forms part of the customer experience. Use metallic mailers for elegance and maximum protection.

Pro Tip 2: Use the envelope to create brand recognition. Your business should have a cohesive identity. Every part of the product proposition should reflect your brand from the website to the advertising, brochures and yes, the packaging. If your business has a strong connection with a color, your customers will recognize the package for what it is on its arrival. 

Clever branding takes account of the psychological effects of color on customers. The color that you choose should fit with the product identity. Colors influence the way that the customer perceives the brand. Color can make your product stand out from the competition. Metallic shipping envelopes come in a number of colors. Choose one that highlights your brand.

Research has shown that the packaging affects the way that people perceive the value and the quality of the product inside and this perception are growing, suggesting that people are becoming more discerning about the packaging.

The same research found that people who received a parcel with gift-like wrapping were more likely to recommend the product to a friend. Need we point out the positive effect that this could have on your customer base?

Pro Tip 3: Using mailers can save you time, space and money, improving the profitability of your business.

Gone are the days when warehouses had huge packing departments dedicated to the storage of packing materials and the large teams of people required to pick and pack goods for distribution. Today modern businesses make use of mailers.

It takes a third of the time that it took to pack cartons to pack mailers, improving labor efficiencies, order fulfillment rate, and ultimately the bottom line. Mailers are the perfect packing solution for every online business.

There are a huge variety of mailers available for every size and shape of the product, and they are quick and easy to pack. They take very little storage space as most are flat. The most commonly used mailers are poly mailers and bubble mailers.

Pro Tip 4: The mailer that you choose for your product depends on the properties of the goods that you wish to transport. Custom poly mailers are good for items such as clothing which is soft and requires no rigidity.

Bubble mailers are lined with bubble pack. They are light and durable and offer some protection for more fragile items such as phones or CDs. They can also be used for sales catalogues or brochures as they will protect the documents from moisture and from damage caused by bending. Because they are fairly rigid, bubble mailers will hold their shape even when they are not filled. For maximum protection you should choose the best fit for your products.

If the correct size is not available it is always better to use one size up as a tight fit could result in damage to the contents.

Flat and bubble mailers come in an array of sizes so you should find one to suit your product.

If in the unlikely event that you are unable to find just the size and color that fits your brand and product, Inspired Mailers are there to help you. You can choose the size and color that you want and even work with them to create your very own branded mailer through their custom mailer service.

Purchase the mailers in bulk for quantity rebates, so you can save money by working out your shipping requirements and ordering in advance. The mailers do not take much space so storing them shouldn’t be a problem.  

Elegant Metallic Shipping Envelopes Showcase Your Business

Every year millions of bubble mailers are used by online companies, as they provide secure packaging for fragile products. Many savvy business people make use of customized mailers to give their parcels a professional finish and build brand recognition. Metallic mailers are puncture resistant and prevent moisture damage. Using a high-quality bubble mailer can prevent the negative consequences of your product arriving damaged, and help to improve your company’s bottom line.

The reflective metallic finish of metallic shipping envelopes will ensure that your parcel has a style of its own.

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