Custom Poly Mailers – Sending the Right Message

If you recognise the value of packaging you may be one step ahead of the competition. Packaging is arguably as important as the contents. It not only protects the goods but it is an important way to communicate information about your business and its values with your customer.

For far too long businesses using poly mailers for distribution of their goods had no choice but to send their product in standard white or grey poly mailers. Now you can purchase custom poly mailers in a large number of beautiful patterns and designs, so you can simply choose the design that best represents your business, your product and your brand.

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Use Custom Mailers to Stand Out from the Competition

Business owners frequently fail to appreciate the importance of packaging to overall customer satisfaction, and this becomes more of an after-thought than a seriously considered marketing strategy. With thousands of products competing with yours, you can make your product stand out by differentiating your packaging. When making the choice of custom mailer the design should match the product. It should be relevant, striking and it should stand-out from that of the competitors.

Inspired Mailers supply and distribute top-quality mailers in a number of vibrant plain, metallic and patterned colors and designs.

Your packaging should be the brand signature that you send out into the world. You should be using standout designs to tell the world the story of your brand. Whilst this may tempt you to go for garish, busy patterns, it is normally best to keep the packaging simple. Good packaging should engage the emotions in a positive way.

Pro-Tip 1: Some of the key findings of the 2016 Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Packaging study highlighted the importance of packaging to customer retention. Forty percent of customers said that they perceived the product to be of higher quality when it arrived in branded or gift wrap type packaging. Sixty percent felt excited by the gift like wrapping. Many had shared pictures of the parcels on social media.

Premium packaging has an impact on brand loyalty. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said that premium packaging made the brand feel more upscale. Fifty percent said that they were more likely to recommend the retailer to a friend if they received their parcel in a gift like package. The findings were even more marked when it came to the purchasers of luxury brands.

Custom Printed Mailers – Part of your Marketing Strategy

Unlike brick and mortar businesses, e-commerce business owners have few opportunities to connect with the customer. Too few make use of the opportunity to engage the customer through branded packaging. This is one opportunity to differentiate your brand from that of your competitors . Custom printed mailers, as part of your marketing strategy, can help to differentiate your product and position it in the market and bolster it in the perceptions of the customer. Create a unique and memorable experience through your packaging.

Pro-Tip 2: The easiest way to build your brand is to ensure that your customers remember you and keep returning. It is far easier than convincing new customers to come your way. In the distribution network, there are many aspects of the service that could result in unhappy customers. What you as a business want is to delight your customer, exceeding his expectations.

Custom mailers, handwritten notes and a “thank you” sticker will all go a long way to achieving the delighted customer who could spread the word amongst her friends, family and colleagues. Add package inserts into your parcel. It’s a low-cost means to communicate with your customer and can be used as an opportunity to cross-sell or build loyalty with discount offers.

You could also add free samples or small gifts. They don’t have to cost much, it’s the surprise factor that will please your customer, and is likely to make her want to reciprocate by buying again or promoting your brand.

Pro-Tip 3: Marketers know that people react differently to different colours. Most big brands choose a color that suits the target market and communicates the attributes of the brand. In choosing the mailer for your brand you need to consider the demographics of your target market, your product and what you want the packaging to say about your brand.

Branded products should be easy to recognise and will be remembered by customers, so a strong and coherent brand message is important to the success of your product.

Pro-Tip 4: Great packaging will help you to retain customers, and leave them with good memories of the transaction. Below are some of the attributes of good packaging;

- Packaging that is good looking and durable can add to the perceived value of your product. Holiday mailers make the recipient especially excited about receiving the parcel.

- The packaging that you choose can have a significant impact on the costs of shipping your product. Mailers are light and small meaning the shipping costs will be minimised.

- Packaging must protect the goods from transport, storage, handling and environmental damage, ensuring that your goods are not damaged before they reach your customer.

- Recyclable packaging is preferable. Consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of over-packaging and so the use of recyclable patterned mailers should stand your business in good stead with your customers. Mailers also obviate the need for bulky filler material.

- Good packaging should be practical. Mailers are quick and easy to pack and when they get to the customer just as easy to unpack and discard or recycle. Holiday mailers are also a great time and money saver for your customer as she can gift is as it arrives without having to repack it.

Custom Poly Mailers will Make the Only Tangible Customer Contact Matter

In this day and age of online shopping, the parcel may be the only tangible contact that your customer has with you and your business. What it looks like on arrival will most certainly create perceptions about your business, your brand and core customer values. Packaging is an important communication and marketing tool.

Carefully chosen custom poly mailers will ensure that the customer remembers your brand for all the right reasons.

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