Holiday Poly Mailers

Holiday Poly Mailers – Making First Impressions Count

Holidays tend to happy occasions, a time of gift sharing, fun and family, a time when memories are made. It should also be a busy time for the eCommerce business owner, a time when new customers are most likely to visit online sites. Why not make this a time of growth and returning customers by offering them a choice of holiday poly mailers?

Unlike in the physical retail environment, in e-Commerce there are few touch points with the customer, which is why it is so important to make the most of these opportunities. The receipt of your package is often the first and maybe the only touchpoint with your customer and so it is crucial that you make a positive lasting impression with the delivery. First impressions count, and the first impression of your parcel is largely determined by the packaging that you choose to use.

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Holiday Bubble Mailers Protecting Your Product

Driven by the proliferation of smartphones, online shopping is growing by an estimated twenty-three percent every year. Holiday spending in the US broke through the one hundred-billion-dollar mark in 2017.

You can increase your share of the holiday sales by personalizing your product proposition. In the world of online shopping, easy to use websites and same day shipping are now the norm and will no longer differentiate your product. If you want your customer to remember you and return to buy from you again you will have to go the extra mile and do something that the competition is not. Make sure that your parcels get to their destination in pristine condition and ready to go under the tree by packing them in holiday bubble mailers.

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Pro-Tip 1: Great packaging elevates your product and helps your customers to remember your brand. It is also an underused and inexpensive opportunity for online businesses to brand their products and create a memorable experience for the customer. Ideally, you want to create a remarkable experience that the customer will want to share with her friends, setting your brand apart from the others.

Never undervalue the importance of returning customers. In a recent survey, Shor Packaging found that returning customers spent an average of 67% more than first-time customers. It is also far cheaper and easier to retain a customer than to recruit new ones.

By personalizing the transaction you make the customer feel unique and according to an Invesp study, 53% of customers who received personalized product offerings valued the service.

Even if customers love your product, if they don’t remember your brand they won’t be returning. Receipt of your product must be memorable, and not for the wrong reasons. If the goods survive the trip but arrive in messy or broken packaging the impression that the customer will get of your brand is that you care little about quality.

Custom Poly Bags for Shipping – Personalizing the Online Experience

In physical retail outlets, the goods compete with each other on the shelves and the packaging reflects that. In e-Commerce when the goods are received the customer has already purchased it. The goods sold in brick and mortar retailers entreat the customer to purchase the product. In e-Commerce, the packaging must confirm for the customer that she made the correct decision when she purchased the product.

In a world of e-Commerce where Amazon is king and where tens of thousands of smaller e-Commerce businesses compete, the best way to differentiate your product and keep the customers returning is to personalize the sales and delivery transaction. Make thoughtfully chosen custom poly bags for shipping a part of that personalization.

Pro-Tip 2: Make sure that you make the best of the online holiday rush and be prepared. Preparation should start three months before the holiday so that you are ready for the additional traffic. By starting early, you can avoid mistakes and leave yourself time to get into the operational side of packing and distributing your sold items.

Publish shoppers guides on your website to encourage new shoppers. These are always helpful when looking for the perfect gift for the person who has it all. In your product line up, mix up the every day with the unique. Ensure that the gift once ordered is beautifully packaged in the holiday poly mailer that suits the occasion. You may want to include a range of holiday mailers on your website and let customers choose their own.

Use the occasion to cross sell and up sell, but be subtle about it, you don’t want to annoy your customer.

If you have the email addresses of your previous customers you should use the pre-holiday season to offer promotions, discounts or special holiday deals. This is a perfect time to reel in new customers, but don’t forget that these customers must be retained. If you hope to retain them you must give them the best possible shopping experience, so that you can convert new shoppers into repeat buyers

Pro-Tip 3: Review your return policy. A lenient return policy could increase your sales, especially when selling gifts. According to research published in the Washington Post, a longer return period resulted in fewer rather than more returns. Stringent return policies are also known to deter first-time buyers.

Pro-Tip 4: Make sure that you have sufficient inventory to fulfil the orders that come in. Include January sales in your forecasts as you may find it difficult to get replenishment stock in January. Don’t forget to include your packaging requirements . Printed and metallic mailers make the best festive wrap.

Ensure that you are capable of handling the increased workload and still offer the same level of service during holiday periods. Customer expectations are rising, and research has shown that they are very time sensitive. Also, ensure that you are able to quickly and competently handle queries and customer support. This will improve your conversion rate as customers will recognize that you are responsive and interested in their issues.

Small businesses usually have several constraints including space, money and labor but careful planning, and the use of time-saving, space saving and inexpensive poly mailers should make your holiday plans easier.

Holiday Poly Mailers Helping You Grow Your Business

During holiday seasons companies need to stand out from the crowd as the sales and marketing environment becomes more competitive. Successful holiday marketing requires a high level of creativity, an understanding of your customer and a commitment to ensuring that they are delighted with their purchase and will remember your business and recommend it to others

Holiday poly mailers are strong and durable, and they come in a range of vibrant colors and prints that are as good if not better than gift wrap.

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