Designer Poly Mailer

Owners of online businesses often put a lot of thought into the design of their product and their website but give little thought to the packaging. Once you’ve sold the product, the commercial aspect is done, the parcel is sent off and you’ve made another successful sale. This may be so, but if the customer is disappointed by the condition of the packaging or if the goods are damaged, at the very least you may have failed to retain the customer or at worst you may have to replace the goods.

Our high-quality designer poly mailers are durable, colourful and look great. Carefully chosen they will showcase your brand and reveal your attention to detail and your concern for the customer, who will remember you and may return again and again.

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When Designer Bubble Mailers are the Best Option

The physical characteristics of your product are the main determinant of what type of packaging will offer you the best combination of cost efficiency and effective protection during transport. Poly mailers should be your first choice of packing material if the goods that you are sending are soft. Items such as clothing, linen and soft toys spring to mind. If the item is fragile then you should consider using a bubble mailer instead since this has the added advantage of a bubble plastic inner which offers extra protection. No need to drop your branding standards. Purchase a designer bubble mailer that best represents your brand.

Inspired Mailers pride themselves on supplying top quality mailers with distinctive patterns and colors that will stand up to the rigours of the postal services and help you to promote your brand.

Pro Tip 1: Make the most of holiday shopping. Ship your goods to your customers in top quality holiday mailers . The patterns on these mailers have been inspired by the holiday seasons. Select patterns or colors that celebrate Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Everyone loves receiving parcels. Double their enjoyment by sending theirs already gift wrapped. Your customer is likely to remember you for years to come and spread the word to her friends. Why not include a little thank you note in the parcel that contains your website information for future order placement?

Designer Shipping Envelopes Make a Lasting Impression

In the growing online business environment, the choice of which packaging to use is a major concern. Your choices will impact cost, space, efficiency, brand awareness and ultimately customer satisfaction. The receipt of the packaged parcel is often the first actual contact that your customer will have with your product, so the condition and appearance of the pack and the goods contained in it will make a lasting first impression and will affect her perception of your brand. If the goods arrive at her door perfectly packaged in a designer shipping envelope you will achieve a lasting impression of your own unique brand and style.

Pro Tip 2: Poly mailers are made from lightweight and durable polyethylene . These envelopes are relatively inexpensive, take little space, come in various sizes and since they are waterproof they will protect your goods from moisture. They are puncture proof and make packing quick and easy as they have a peel and seal strip. Because they take so little space you can keep a selection of sizes so that you always have the correct size on hand. Designer poly mailers are the ultimate answer to inexpensive, lightweight packaging, that will boost your brand and your bottom line.

Pro Tip 3: Choosing the correct size of poly mailer is important. Poly mailers with large empty areas could get caught in the machines that sort the mail. This could result in damage to the packaging and even to the contents. At the very least it is likely to cause delays in delivery, which is not good for business. If you are not confident that empty sections won’t get caught, you could add some cardboard into the pack, bearing in mind that this will add to the shipping cost or alternatively you could use a more rigid mailer such as a bubble mailer that holds its shape even when the product doesn’t fill it.

Pro Tip 4: The strength of a poly mailer is determined by the gauge of the plastic and by the side and bottom seal of the bag. Your parcel is likely to take a beating in the post and it is a good idea to choose a high-quality poly mailer. The additional cost of the mailer is likely to form a very low proportion of the cost of shipping the item, especially if that item were to become damaged en-route.

Poly mailers sold by Inspired Mailers are made from 80-micron polyethylene, which is strong and durable. The adhesive strips are pressure sensitive and strong and secure. Because they are so thick, they are opaque offering greater confidentiality.

The envelopes are 100% recyclable and approved by the USPS for first class and priority mail.

Choose quality patterned mailers to showcase your product. Whatever it is you would like to convey whether its fun, stylish or arty, you’re bound to find a pattern that supports your brand, or several that support the product that the mailer contains. These mailers take little space and are relatively inexpensive, making flexible stock options a possibility.

During the holidays you can boost your sales by offering your customers the option of purchasing goods packaged in holiday mailers to save themselves the time and expense of wrapping the goods before the gifts are exchanged.

The patterned mailers have exquisite designs, both crisp and clear. The envelopes are top quality, strong enough to endure the rigours of sorting and transport and still get the goods to the customer in mint condition.

Designer Poly Mailers – For Style and Quality

Poly mailers can save you time and money. Purchasing mailers based on price alone could cost you more than just return business. Even the thicker, more expensive mailers are relatively inexpensive, and they will protect your goods and the reputation of your business. Give your parcels some pizzazz and package them in designer poly mailers. Your customers will love them!

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