Shipping packages can be fun! Colored poly mailers allow for shipping in style. These mailers come in many colors and designs, are easy to use, and convenient.

Help your packages stand out from the rest by using impactful patterns that keep customers talking about your shipments to friends and family. The more colorful or unusual the pattern is on a package, the more likely it is for a customer to remember it, which often leads to additional sales.

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Choose Purple Poly Mailers to Stand Out

One of the many color choices offered is the purple poly mailer. These mailers come in 4 different sizes, allowing you to choose them for all of your shipping needs. In addition to solid purple mailers, there are also many purple patterns available, like zebra stripes, tribal arrows, and birds. These can help create a fun alternative to a solid colored shipment.

In addition to the various purple designs available, there are many other colored Inspired Mailers. No matter your color choice or pattern preference, know that you will be able to find a delightful design every time.

Pro Tip 1: You can save money and time by skipping the address labels. Many mailers offer writable surfaces that allow addresses to be written directly onto the outside of the mailer with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker.

This can serve as a useful bonus for a time crunched shipper. This is also helpful when you do not have access to digital tools and do not want to tape gaudy paper addresses all over the mailer. There are a variety of patterned poly mailers to search through that are sure to meet your needs.

Purchase Colored Bubble Mailers at Wholesale Prices

Using mailers is often a more cost effective way to ship items. They are lightweight which often requires less postage to ship. In addition, you can find many discounted prices when you purchase colored bubble mailers wholesale.

When deciding on mailers to purchase, you may wish to consider the following:

  • There are many promo codes available to use for an extra dollar amount off of purchases on bulk orders, so it is often to your benefit to order larger quantities.
  • Patterned mailers are included in wholesale pricing, so you can purchase large quantities of unique patterns, at discounted rates. Another benefit of this is that you can often mix and match patterns that are purchased, meaning you can receive bulk pricing by purchasing multiple patterns, instead of having to buy 3 packs of the same design.
  • Wholesale prices offer the same quality shipping materials at a discounted rate, so corners are not cut when it comes to the amount of protection the mailers will offer, or the strong material they are made from, when purchasing mailers at discounted rates.

Pro Tip 2: Having shipping materials on hand is beneficial, because sales can happen at any time. Save space by purchasing colored poly mailers, which can be used to ship different items and can be stored tucked away in a desk drawer until needed. These mailers also offer a fun alternative to the normal plain white mailers that many stores use to ship their items. Colored mailers can add an artistic flair to any package without any extra work needing to be done by you.

Pro Tip 3: If you do not have a specific theme that you would like to represent to your customers, use packaging that centers around the current season or upcoming holidays. Many independent consultants, like Lularoe, Etsy, and eBay sellers, love to use fun inspirational themed packaging, even though they do not have a specific “brand image” to portray. A mailer with some green shamrocks on it when an order is placed around St. Patrick’s Day, or perhaps a pastel mailer lined with bunnies to welcome spring are the perfect way to add a little creativity and attention to your shipments.

Pro Tip 4: A shipment’s appearance matters. Make sure you take your time to package items and place addresses on them. Just as a customer evaluates a product once they receive it, the packaging is also important. If a package arrives damaged, or products are not secure inside of it and looks as though it was thrown together, a customer may not be very happy. Even if the outside of a package gets dirt on it from being outdoors after being delivered, it can have a negative effect on how a customer perceives your company.

Using mailers that are covered in various colors and patterns often appeals to a customer. The designs that are on the outside of the packages can also help to make any dirt that may stick to the package, less noticeable. Using patterned poly mailers is a perfect way to present a “put together” package to customers. Inspired Mailers offers a variety of mailer types, sizes, and colors that can help create an impeccable packaging appearance.

You can find many unique patterns that you often cannot find other places. If you are looking for floral options, like cherry blossoms or daisies; kid friendly patterns, such as robots and dinosaurs; wellness patterns, like lotus flowers and yoga poses, or even tropical flamingos and pineapples, you are sure to find a custom mailer that is perfect for you. These mailers make it fun to ship any item!

Using Colored Poly Mailers Makes Shipping Fun

When shipping out products to customers, you want a package that is attractive, eye-catching, and memorable. Packages that stand out from the rest are the ones that are often remembered by customers, which could lead to additional sales in the future.

By choosing from a variety of colored poly mailers in many designs and sizes, you will have stunning packages, every time.

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