5 Ways Our Holiday Mailers Make Your Life Easier

Who says shipping has to be boring this holiday season? Our printed poly mailers turn any holiday package into a super-cute bundle - and they can even go straight from the mailbox to under the tree. Keep reading for five ways our holiday mailers can make your shipping life easier during the holidays.

1. They're a Real Time Saver

Because our designer shipping envelopes do double duty, there's no need to wrap your gifts twice (once for the big reveal, and then again to ship).

Just slide your gift into one of the printed poly mailers, address it, and the lucky recipients can put it straight under the tree to wait for Christmas day.

 2. Self-Sealing Wrapping Paper

Are you hand-delivering packages or sending multiple items in one bigger box? Our mailers save you time -- and that horrible struggle to get the wrapping paper folded just right -- because they double as self-sealing wrapping paper. No trimming or folding needed.

3. Every Size Is Covered

No matter what size objects you are mailing, our combo packs have you covered with three different sizes of seal-and-go shipping convenience. And there's plenty of festive variety -- they each come in a different holiday print: 8.5" x 12" snowflakes, 10" x 13" ornaments and 14.5" x 19" Christmas trees.

4. The Package Is the Label

Are you tired of hunting for labels or worrying about whether they'll survive the mayhem of holiday mail? These printed poly mailers have a 7.25" x 4.75" writeable label. That's enough room to write out a full address in pen or permanent marker or to whip out your best calligraphy skills for hand-delivered packages. The labels are entirely blank, so they do double-duty as gift labels when the package goes under the tree.        

5. You Can Personalize the Inside

Our printed poly mailers are unpadded, which maximizes the space inside for sturdy or pre-boxed items. It also means that if you're shipping fragile items or just want to personalize the interior, there's plenty of room to add your own tissue paper, bubble wrap or other fun packing materials.

Printed mailers are a great way to personalize your shipments and to save time in any season. But they really hit it out of the park during the Christmas season, when their cute, holiday-inspired designs and write-on labels make them the perfect wrapper to go from in the mail to under the tree. 



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