Clear Poly Bags - Flat Opening - Pack of 200 - Multiple Sizes

Clear Poly Bags - Flat Opening - Pack of 200 - Multiple Sizes

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CRYSTAL CLEAR POLY BAGS: Package contains 200 poly bags.  Choose from sizes 6x10 and 12x18. These polybags are made of very strong plastic that won’t rip and are 1.5mil thick (38 micron). Protect your merchandise from poor warehouse conditions including dust, dirt and moisture. Do not settle for lower quality bags that leave your items at risk.

HEAT SEALABLE: Bags are NOT self sealing – they have a flat opening that can be heat sealed or stylishly tied.

NOTE REGARDING SIZE MEASUREMENTS: Please take into account the thickness of your product when determining the size you require. To determine width requirement: Add the Width of product (inches) + Thickness of product (inches) + ½ inch. To determine length requirement: Add the Length of product (inches) + Thickness of product (inches) + 2½ inches. The correct polybag size must be at least the calculated size for BOTH dimensions.

NO SUFFOCATION WARNING: These items do not have a suffocation warning. Suffocation warning stickers can be applied if needed.

1.5" flap.