Wholesale Bubble Mailers

Many people shop for wholesale bubble mailers to reduce shipping costs. No small business wants to spend a lot of money on packaging for a shipment, but they still want to provide a pretty presentation.

Many pretty patterned mailers can be purchased in bulk, at discounted rates, to help a shipper provide a custom look at a pocket friendly price.

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Unique Poly Bags at Wholesale Prices

Small businesses often look for poly bags at wholesale. Many shippers do not have huge budgets to spend on packaging materials. Custom pattern poly bags can be a great way to add some personality to a shipment. They are also a great alternative to flat shipping mailers that do not offer the flexibility to ship larger items like leggings and dresses.

Poly bags can be purchased in many sizes, and can be bought in packs of 50, 100, 200, or even 400 from Inspired Mailers to meet all of your shipping needs. There are also promotional discount codes available that provide a dollar amount off based on the amount you spend. In other words, the more you buy, the more you save.

Pro Tip 1: Always purchase a larger quantity of shipping mailers/poly bags than you think you will need. The worst thing for a shipper to encounter is getting ready to package up an order, and then realizing they are out of shipping materials. Purchasing a bit more than you anticipate needing for a given time will help you avoid this problem.

There are a number of mailers and poly bag choices available to meet the shipping needs of e-commerce sellers. Mailers and bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6” x 9” to 22” x 28”, which offers you the flexibility you need to find the packaging that is the perfect size to ship all of the products you offer. In addition, many patterned poly mailers are available. These come in designs like shamrocks, baby chicks, bunnies, reindeer, and snowflakes, which are always fun to use as wrapping around the holidays.

How to Find the Right Wholesale Poly Mailers

Sometimes, deciding on the right mailer is tough. Inspired Mailers offers large quantities of shipping packages. There are often sales on these mailers, which makes buying large amounts more affordable. They also offer quantity pricing, which provides a discount on bulk orders of your favorite patterns. With the sales and discounts, you can purchase shipping essentials similar in price to wholesale poly mailers.

You may find the following tips helpful when shopping for your shipping needs:

  • Don’t let big numbers on large quantities scare you. When you see a price, divide it out by the amount of mailers being purchased. Often times, you will be surprised by how much cheaper each piece gets as the amount purchased increases.
  • Buying in bulk? Look for discount codes. Bulk orders are great for shippers who are going to go through mailers quickly or who do not wish to run out. When purchasing large quantities, you may be able to receive an additional discounted rate.

Pro Tip 2: Always look for affordable, high quality packaging. Some wholesale bubble mailers are not made out of the same materials as more expensive mailers. Mailers offered cheaper via sale or discount code however, are always made from the same durable materials that the regularly priced mailers are. This helps shippers feel confident when purchasing materials that their products will arrive safely and protected.

Pro Tip 3: Look for recyclable shipping materials. Shipping with plastic packaging does not have to be destructive for the environment. In fact, there are padded shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable. The best part, these do not cost any additional fees to purchase.

Pro Tip 4: Self-adhesive seals offer additional protection. When purchasing mailers, it is often to your benefit to buy mailers that offer self-adhesive seals. You simply peel of the protective lining and press the flap down tightly. This not only saves you time when packaging items, but also creates a peace of mind that items contained inside are going to remain there until the package reaches the customer.

Shipping with creative patterns is affordable and fun. Patterned mailers appeal to many people. Small business consultants, like Lularoe and Etsy sellers often look to patterned poly mailers with many different designs to represent the creative brand that they sell. The outside of the package becomes a reflection of the items packaged within. Sometimes patterns may even resemble the pattern of the product inside the mailer, like the southwest tribal pattern, which looks like a pattern that can be found on a pair of leggings. These mailers are also ideal for anyone who wishes to purchase mailers that can be used regardless of the season or time of year.

No matter your design preference, you are sure to find a perfect pattern with the grand selection of designs available. If you are looking for a simple pattern, like zig-zags or a more complex pattern, like damask, you can find mailers that suit your shipping needs. If you are looking for more season specific designs, you may want to consider holiday mailers . You can find many exclusive patterns to represent particular times of the year, like bunnies and daisies, which are perfect to help welcome spring. Even better, these patterned mailers are also included in bulk pricing discounts, meaning you can ship custom, while saving money.

Shop Pricing Similar to Wholesale Bubble Mailers

Looking for the perfect shipping mailer that provides protection and durability is made easy with the many sizes and custom design bubble mailers offered. Items arrive to their destination protected and in style, without high costs.

A variety of high-quality mailers can be purchased at discounted prices, similar to those of wholesale bubble mailers. The many designs offered help keep your packages looking chic.

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