Gold Metallic Bubble Mailers Wow Your Customer

Metallic Gold Bubble Mailer

Research has shown that customers who receive a parcel in gift like packaging feel more excited. This is because gift wrapping is associated with happy events. During the same research exercise, Dotcom Distribution also reported that luxurious packaging changed customers’ perceptions of the retailer. So why not wrap your product in glittering gold and make your brand stand out from the competition?

Use gold metallic bubble mailers to ensure that the parcel is in tip-top form when it arrives leaving the recipient with happy memories that she is not likely to quickly forget.

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Make Gold and Silver Bubble Envelopes Part of Your Packaging and Distribution Strategy

As online shopping expands so are customer expectations. Years ago, the owners of online businesses could pop their product into a plain white or brown envelope address it and post it with no further thought.

Now the customer wants the shopping experience to extend all the way to front door delivery, and if they are dissatisfied with the process, large numbers of them will trumpet their disappointment on social media, letting everyone know about their unhappy experience and damaging the reputation of your online business along the way.

The best way to avoid the damaging effects of a negative experience is to plan a packaging and distribution strategy designed to exceed customer expectations. A great kick start to this strategy would be the use of gold and silver bubble envelopes for in-transit protection and shimmery good looks.

Inspired Mailers is a top-quality brand with a range of premium flat and bubble mailers in a vast number of vibrant colors and patterns.

Pro-Tip 1: If you are selling and distributing soft and pliable products such as clothing, linen or soft toys, shipping in a poly mailer may be a better packaging option. No need to drop your standards, Inspired Mailers has a wide range of elegant and colorful patterned poly mailers . Choose one that supports your brand, your product or the occasion.

Metallic Bubble Envelopes - Not Just for the Looks

Savvy business people know the importance of selecting the correct packaging. Shipping costs can make up a substantial portion of the product cost and they are based on volumetric weight. It is essential therefore that the pack is small and light but still able to protect the contents.

Shiny and bright metallic bubble envelopes are light and durable. They are puncture proof, moisture resistant and tear resistant. They hold their shape well so they can withstand the rigors of handling in automated sorting rooms. The bubble envelopes are lined with a shockproof bubble inner to protect fragile items. They have well-sealed sides and a seamless bottom.

The mailers are quick and easy to pack as they are equipped with a peel and seal strip. They take very little storage space.

Pro-Tip 2: The 2016 MetaPack State of eCommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report provides insight into changing customer expectations. Below are some of the more pertinent findings: -

  • Thirty-eight percent of consumers said that they would abandon a retailer for good following a bad parcel receipt experience.
  • Forty-five percent said that they had abandoned their cart due to insufficient or unsatisfactory delivery information.
  • Forty-nine percent abandon their carts due to return policies.
  • Eighty-seven percent said that they would return to the retailer following a great delivery experience.

Supply chain expectations evolve over time. It is essential that business owners stay abreast of customer expectations and should review their order fulfilment policies and the delivery and returns information to ensure that they are in line with expectations.

Shipping providers should be regularly screened to ensure that you receive the best and most reliable service at reasonable cost. Do a regular analysis of actual order placement to delivery lead-times to stay abreast of real-time information. Unreliable carriers will result in the loss of customers and profitability.

The shipper should have online capabilities so that you can track your parcels every step of the way.

Pro-Tip 3: Managing returns in the e-commerce field can be very difficult and mistakes can be costly. Make no mistake, refusal to consider returns will result in abandoned carts. You need a carefully considered and clearly worded returns policy that your customer can easily find and fully understand. The customer must know what she can return, how much time she has to return it, and who pays for the shipping.

Pro-Tip 4: Up to two-thirds of customers abandon their carts without making the purchase because many of them are unhappy with the shipping costs. Customers want free delivery and they want the delivery to happen quickly.

Research has shown that customers would be willing to wait longer if the shipping was free of charge. As a compromise, you could offer free shipping for a longer wait and charge for the faster option. The option for fast deliveries must be available or your business will certainly lose customers.

It is worth considering the cost and benefits of offering free shipping. The cost could be partially or fully offset by increasing the price of the product. You could also offer free shipping on bigger purchases. This incentive could drive your customers to purchase an additional product to take advantage of the option. Use poly mailers to ensure that the costs of packaging and transport are minimized.

Depending on the size of your product shipping costs can vary substantially so you would have to consider the implications of a price adjustment and monitor customer reactions to any changes that you make to the product proposition. Conduct research on what your competitors are doing. Make sure that the custom mailers you use strengthen your brand image.

Driven by Amazon’s quick delivery service, customer’s expectations for the same day and next day delivery are rapidly increasing. Customers become increasingly unhappy the longer they wait past the due date. The key to managing these expectations is to ensure that you give your customer a realistic idea of when she can expect the package. Transparency will lead to trust. It is far better to under promise and over deliver than the reverse.

If you want your company to stand out from others in the delivery process, you’ll need to give careful thought to improving and speeding up the process. You will also need to ensure that your packaging, regardless of whether it is a poly mailer or a bubble mailer still looks good when the delivery is made.

Make Your Product Stand Out with Gold Metallic Bubble Mailers

Order fulfillment is the end of the sales and marketing process and it is also one of the most important. How and when your customer receives her product will confirm for her whether she has made the correct choice of brand and product.

The best way to ensure that she remembers your product and plans to return to your online store is to exceed her expectations. You can only hope to do this if you have a carefully considered packaging and delivery strategy. Implementation starts with good-looking protective packaging and a reliable transporter.

Gold metallic bubble mailers will ensure that the goods are protected from transport damage and that it still looks elegant and festive when it arrives.

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