Custom Bubble Mailer Chickens

Have you ever seen a package arrive with a fun, unique look? Many shippers are now using custom bubble mailers to wow customers. Custom prints have been gaining popularity in the shipping world, and customers often look forward to seeing what the next design they receive will be.

Instead of using ordinary, bland mailers, try shipping with something that helps your package stand out from the rest.

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Custom Mailing Bags: Convenient and Fun

Sometimes there are bulkier items that need to be shipped. Custom mailing bags offer plenty of room and durability. Since they do not have an extra layer of bubble wrap protection, these bags are perfect for mailing less fragile items, like hats and shirts, yet sturdy enough to ship items with more weight to them, like sweatshirts or jeans, without tearing. This helps provide peace of mind to the shipper that products will arrive safely, in the condition in which they left.

Even better, these ultra-resistant shipping bags from Inspired Mailers help protect contents from the normal tosses packages go through during the shipping process. They can stand up to various weather conditions and come in a variety of fun patterns. This allows for safe shipping in style.

Pro Tip 1: Bubble mailers and mailing bags have one main difference, the interior lining. Bubble mailers have an added protective layer, which is great to protect items like jewelry and small electronics, which may otherwise damage easily. Poly bags often do not contain the extra layer of padding, so larger items that need less protection, like a pair of jeans, can fit nicely inside.

If choosing to ship using a poly mailer, consider the material the items being shipped are made of to insure no additional protective wrapping is needed. Just like with protective mailers, there are many patterned poly mailers to choose from, that can help add style to your shipment.

Custom Printed Poly Mailers Make Shipping Easy

Thanks to the bag like shape of poly mailers, many items can be shipped at once. This is perfect for anyone who needs to ship multiple items to the same buyer, without having to pay for additional shipping materials, or using bulky boxes. These can also be a great way to help showcase your brand, by allowing a bit of creativity to shine through, with custom printed poly mailers.

Mailers come in numerous sizes, ranging from 6 x 9 inch to 22 x 28 inch. With the many sizes offered, nearly any shipper is sure to find a perfect fit.

  • Poly mailers are versatile, and can expand to fit a variety of shaped objects, and can be stuffed full, with large items, or flattened, for smaller shipments.
  • These bags can be stored virtually anywhere due to their slimness before filling, which makes them ideal to keep on hand.
  • These mailers can also be taken to any shipping hub, which is more convenient than having to ship from a specific company, like many flat rate boxes.

Pro Tip 2: Even though the outer packaging helps provide resistance to many shipping woes, sometimes shipments require added protection. Remember to choose custom bubble mailers that are only slightly larger than the objects going inside of them, to help reduce excessive movement during shipment.

Pro Tip 3: Mailers are often a better choice for many shippers than boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, which can become crushed or punctured during shipping processes, possibly damaging the contents, mailers are made from a tough material that is hard to puncture. Mailers are also close in size to the items being shipped, so they will not collapse on top of anything inside of them causing damage like boxes often do.

Pro Tip 4: When shipping a product, it is important to make sure it is protected and presentable. Poly mailers offer both protection and style to any shipment. These mailers are made from durable, moisture resistant plastic, which makes them weatherproof. In addition to their protective features, these mailers also come in many bright colors and patterns, which provides some style to any shipment. Many patterned poly mailers have become popular when shipping items. They can be used to showcase a brand, by shipping items in a theme bag, such as a dog toy company utilizing a paw print pattern, or used to celebrate a holiday, like the heart pattern which is ideal for anything shipped around Valentine’s Day.

If bright, playful patterns are not quite what you are looking for, but you still want to add a little pizazz to your packages, chic solid colored metallic mailers may be the perfect fit. These mailers offer the same protective features, and often help present packages in a more sophisticated manner. This allows for a nice, personalized presentation to a customer, when patterned poly mailers may not evoke the right look that a given shipper is trying to portray.

Using Custom Bubble Mailers is a Great Shipping Choice

Using custom bubble mailers to ship items is not only a fun way to present products to customers, but is also very cost effective. Shippers do not want to spend a ton of money on shipping their products, just like purchasers do not want to pay high shipping costs. Bubble mailers help protect products from damage, due to their extra padding, and are inexpensive to purchase. Additionally, mailers often cost much less to ship than other shipping methods, due to their light weight. So instead of paying extra to ship items, because you are paying for the weight of the packaging, consider using mailers and only pay to ship the weight of the product.

You can choose custom bubble mailers in any size and style for a safe and convenient shipment, every time. .

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