Printed Poly Mailers 10x13 - Turquoise/Black Arrows – Pack of 100

Printed Poly Mailers 10x13 - Turquoise/Black Arrows – Pack of 100

Inspired Mailers

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SHIP IN STYLE: Package contains 100 unpadded printed poly mailers that are 10 x 13 inches (25.4cm x 33cm). The Tribal Arrows print is ideal for distinguishing your look and reaching customers, friends, family and other recipients in a fun and unique way! Perfect for shipping non-fragile items such as t-shirts or catalogs.

DURABLE POLY MAILERS: Don't settle for a lower quality brand of thin mailers that wrinkle and risk ripping or bursting open.  These premium plastic mailers boast extra tough 3.15 mil (80 micron) thickness, preventing show through and providing durability and resistance to weather and punctures. Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength closure.

SAVES YOU TIME: The 1.5” (3.8cm) flap doesn’t require any wetting to form the extra-secure adhesive seal. Simply peel off the protective strip and handle multiple mailing envelopes in a fraction of the time while creating a strong, tamper-evident seal. Easily and securely close these mailers using the quick peel and seal adhesive strips that will ensure your shipments are safe and will not open. No licking or water needed, which is a more hygienic and time saving option.

SAVES YOU MONEY: These pouches are essential for small businesses, online merchants and ebay sellers and etsy sellers who do not want to bother with the added costs and wasted time of using boxes. Why deal with purchasing large, expensive boxes that require additional storage space, time wasting assembly and extra strong rolls of tape? These are lightweight and time saving – lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equals a much more efficient cost and time saving option.