Holiday Bubble Mailers - Santas - 10x13 - Multiple Quantities

Holiday Bubble Mailers - Santas - 10x13 - Multiple Quantities

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SHIP IN STYLE: Package contains 10 Santas small bubble mailers sized 10x13 (9.2x13 interior). These padded mailing envelopes are ideal for distinguishing your brand and reaching customers, friends, family and other recipients in a fun and unique way! They are perfect for shipping items that need a little bit of padding such as jewelry, makeup or gifts.

KEEP YOUR CONTENTS SAFE: These padded mailers feature shock-protective bubble lining, strong side seams and a seamless bottom for maximum protection. Don't settle for a lower quality brand of thin mailers that risk ripping or bursting open.  Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a high strength closure.

SAVES YOU TIME: No need to wrap items prior to placing into the padded envelope - the interior bubble lining provides instant protection. The extra secure adhesive seal does not require any wetting - simply peel off the protective strip and handle multiple mailing envelopes in a fraction of the time while creating a strong, tamper-evident seal that will ensure your shipments are safe and will not open.

SAVES YOU MONEY: These padded poly mailers are essential for small businesses and online sellers who do not want to bother with the added costs and wasted time of using boxes. Why deal with purchasing bulky, expensive boxes that require storage space, time wasting assembly, or other padding and rolls of tape? These are lightweight and time saving – lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equals a much more efficient option.

NOTE REGARDING SIZE MEASUREMENTS: Please take into account the thickness of your product when determining the size you require. To determine interior width requirement: Add the Width of product (inches) + Thickness of product (inches) + ½ inch. To determine interior length requirement: Add the Length of product (inches) + Thickness of product (inches) + 2½ inches.The correct mailer size must be at least the calculated size for BOTH dimensions.